Super NetCam turns your iOS device into a high quality network webcam. Access a live video feed from any modern web browser, remotely trigger full resolution photos, change camera settings from another device’s browser, and more.

I won’t go into marketing detail beyond that in this document, other than to say you can buy Super NetCam on the iOS App Store.

Thanks for your interest, -paul


App Interface

Frame 6.png

Connection Info

<aside> 🌐 Super NetCam requires a Wi-Fi connection to work, and does not expose your camera feed or the web interface to the Internet by default.


This is the most important part of Super NetCam! These lines show two URLs for accessing the video feed on your iOS device. Tap either line to open a share sheet. From there, you can AirDrop the link directly to another iOS or macOS device, or copy it for sharing via some other means.

See the Web Interface section to learn about viewing the video stream remotely, taking photos, and more!

The URLs displayed here are only accessible from the Wi-Fi network you’re currently connected to. It is possible to expose the camera feed and web interface to the Internet via port forwarding, which is outside the scope of this document. Here’s a third party introduction to port forwarding, if you’re interested in that functionality.

Top Bar

App Settings

Press this icon to open the application settings screen. This lets you enable/disable remote camera controls, username/password, or change the web server port. See APP SETTINGS LINK for more details.

Switch Flash Mode

Toggle between three flash modes: Off, On, or On only when taking a photo via the web interface.

Dim Screen

Turns off your device display while leaving the app active. This is useful when you’ll be using Super NetCam for an extended period, to help reduce screen/backlight wear on your device. Tap anywhere to turn the display back on.